Storytelling helps children heal.

Hear author Nancy Ballinger read the story. This video may be used by parents and families, as well as therapists and counselors in their work with children.
The Spanish language translation Dos Leoncitos Valientes is also available as a video, read by Leticia Pérez Grover.

A Caring Adult’s guide for helping children grieve. This unique and beautifully illustrated book portrays the deep emotions of a child’s grief after a mother’s death.

Told from the perspective of two lion cubs, their father and an understanding elephant on the African Savannah, Two Brave Cubs is ultimately a tale of hope and love.

Click here to Order Books. Also available in Spanish translation!

Dos Leoncitos Valientes – en Español

• Downloadable Coloring Sheets for caring adults, therapists, and children.
• Specific to Covid-19 pandemic – loss and grief resources.

1 thought on “Storytelling helps children heal.

  1. Hi Nancy, this is Paula Sigman..I hope you remember me from years ago!!! I so love this little book, bought one for my grandchild at Coalace! I’m so proud of you and your ladies that got this off the ground, it takes a village. My husband Ron now works for Wilshire Hospice and being around that energy really brings so much of this to light!
    You are amazing Nancy, I wish you all the success which I know that this whole journey for you and many is successful already as soon as you took pen to paper with this lovely book. Best thoughts and prayers to you Nancy, for some wonder reason for the last 25 years, you are always coming back into my vortex…I love that.
    take care and blessings, Paula


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