Reaching out with love

“They missed their momma most late at night and wondered why she had gone away. Had she gone because they were bad? Or because they had been mad at her and wished she would go away so they could have a good momma like the zebras and monkeys?”

From Two Brave Cubs
         Finding help when children grieve

The lives of children who lose a parent are forever changed, whether toddler or teen. Support can make all the difference in the life of a grieving child and their grieving family.

The story of Two Brave Cubs starts with a mother’s illness. Told from the cub’s perspective, the focus is on feelings and unmet needs, not on medical details. Though not explicitly stated, this lion family is struggling with addiction.

For these two brave cubs, help comes in the form of an understanding elephant on the African Savannah.

Two Brave Cubs is ultimately a tale of hope and love. This book can be used to open a conversation and validate the emotions of a grieving child.