Coloring Sheets

How to use coloring sheets.

Key messages from the book have been condensed into pictures and words that can further reinforce the messages from the book.

• Print several copies of the coloring sheets that children can have to color on their own.
Click on the image to open for printing.
• An activity like coloring with children is an excellent time for conversations to naturally occur.  
• Suggested conversation starters:
“ I wonder what the cubs are feeling?”  
“ The cubs have a special grown-up, Amari, in their life to listen to them and help them with their problem. Do you have and special grown-ups in your life? Who are they?”
“At the end of the story the cubs felt hope in their hearts. What do you think hopeful means? What do you feel hopeful about today?” 
• Sitting quietly and attentively as you color together is a beautiful gift. It lets children know they aren’t alone in their grief.