How To Use This Book

TWO BRAVE CUBS  Finding Help When Children Grieve is written for adults and children to explore the deep emotions of a child’s grief after a mother’s death.

Told from the perspective of two lion cubs, their father and an understanding elephant on the African Savannah, the power of story comes alive through words and illustrations affirming and giving voice to the child’s experience of loss and grief.   

Grief is the necessary process of healing from loss at any age. There isn’t a right way to grieve. Each child’s grief is unique and will be revisited, though not as intensely, throughout their life.  They don’t need to be “fixed”… just listed to and loved. *

We, as caring adults, can offer a supportive, consistent and loving relationship where children feel safe. Like the understanding elephant in the story, being available to a grieving child is the greatest gift we can give. 

Helping a child by sharing a story.

As an adult you should take time to read through the book first before reading it with a child to prepare for emotions that may come up from the reading.

Take your time reading with a child allowing pauses to explore the pictures and talk about what is being read. If the child is very young they may want to just look at the pictures. 

• Downloadable Coloring Sheets for caring adults, therapists, and children.